Drupal 7 Chat Module Installation

Before you proceed with the chat installation, we suggest you sign up for an account with us first. It’s absolutely free, and you’ll need access to certain details inside in order to complete the installation.

  1. Log in to your Drupal Dashboard and go to Modules. Drupal Chat Extension
  2. Once there, click the contributed modules link. Drupal Chat Extension
  3. You’ll be shown a new page with a module search engine. Type in Chatwee and hit Search. Drupal Chat Extension
  4. Click the module’s name in the search results. Drupal Chat Extension
  5. Scroll the page down and download the zip folder. Drupal Chat Extension
  6. Go back to the Modules page in your Drupal Dashboard and click Install new module. Drupal Chat Extension
  7. You’ll be given the option to upload the previously downloaded zip folder. Drupal Chat Extension
  8. Once the confirmation screen shows, click Enable newly added modules. Drupal Chat Extension
  9. Scroll down to make sure that your Drupal chat widget is on. Click Configure to finish the installation. Drupal Chat Extension
  10. Log in to your Chatwee Dashboard, copy the installation code and paste it into the box. Explore the remaining options and click Save configuration after you’ve finished. Drupal Chat Extension

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