Chatwee JavaScript API

Chatwee JavaScript API is a client-side API which allows you to control the Chatwee app in the runtime.

The Chatwee app comes along with its own dedicated framework and a set of classes contained within the ChatweeLib namespace object. To use Chatwee, you have to include the main script in your HTML document.

<script src=""></script>

Notice that the script above is somewhat different from the Chatwee installation script that you can find in your Chatwee Dashboard. The installation script is just a preloader which basically embeds the common Chatwee library into the HTML document and runs a single instance of the chat using its configuration fetched from the backend. Its purpose is to make the chat installation as easy as possible, but there’s nothing that prevents the developer from actually installing and instantiating the chat manually. This becomes possible thanks to JavaScript API and the ChatweeLib.ChatweeManager object.