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Chatwee support center

Learn all the essentials you need to take full advantage of our live chat widget.

Listed below are some of the topics you might want to acquaint with, especially if you’re totally new to Chatwee.
In case you’ll come across an issue not covered on this page, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Getting started

  • What is Chatwee and is it the right fit for me?
    Chatwee is a live chat application with multiple features, intended mainly for different kinds of online communities. If you run a website that attracts a steady flow of visitors, it will help you keep them engaged by facilitating real-time interaction.
  • How does Chatwee work?
    Chatwee lets users have public and private conversations, group chats, and send files of up to 2 MB. Chat owners can set multiple chat rooms, restrict the experience only to private, 1 to 1 conversations, and decide on the type of user that can enter the chat.
  • How do I install Chatwee on my site?
    It’s simple. Sign up absolutely for free, with no strings attached, log in to your Dashboard, copy the installation script, and paste it into the source code of every page you want the chat to appear on. Done!
  • Does Chatwee have dedicated plugins for various CMS?
    Yes, indeed. Visit the Integrations section to get your live chat plugin for WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB, MyBB, BuddyPress, WiX, IPBoard, Oxwall, skadate, Vanilla, nucleus, concrete5, vBulletin, or FLARUM.
  • What kind of sites are using Chatwee?
    Chatwee is used by a variety of sites, where user interaction plays a major role. These include betting sites, day trading sites, role-playing and gaming sites, faith-based sites, dating sites, online consultancy sites, and other websites attracting people centered around a common interest or hobby.
  • Why isn’t Chatwee showing on my site?

    If you have pasted the installation script into your site’s source code and you haven’t manually disabled the chat in Customize > General, there’s no obvious reason as to why the chat isn’t showing. Please double check the source of your site to make sure the script’s there.

    In case you’re trying to embed the chat, as opposed to having the default Fixed tab, please make sure you have closely followed the instructions laid out in point 2 on the Display modes page.

    If you’re using any of the dedicated plugins, please follow the relevant chat installation instructions available in the Integrations page.

    You also may want to check the browser console (F12) on the page where the chat was supposed to be displayed for any Chatwee-related errors.


  • What display modes does Chatwee offer?

    Chatwee can be displayed as:
    a) Fixed tab - a little bubble at the bottom of the screen which you can click on top open the app
    b) Embedded chat - a chat box you can place wherever on your site; we suggest you switch to the Tabbed layout in Customize > General for this purpose
    c) Full screen chat - a chat that takes up the entire screen; use the Direct URL available in Customize > General to create anchor text or a menu item on your site
    d) You can also use the Pop out option in the top right corner of the Fixed tab to open the chat in a new browser window

    For more information, please see the Display modes page.

  • How many simultaneous users and moderators can I have?
    The numbers depend on the plan you have. Please refer to the Pricing page for details.
  • Can I adjust the colors of the chat?
    Color customization is available with paid plans. You also may want to take a look at this color customization guide.
  • What elements of the chat can I customize?
    You can customize your Chatwee chat in a number of ways. Starting with colors and the display mode, through size, language, notifications, file sharing, emoji, login methods, privacy settings, chat rooms, moderation, and many other aspects of the app. It’s all in your Dashboard!
  • Is Chatwee available in my language?
    Chatwee is currently available in: English, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Hebrew (with right to left spelling), Finnish, Czech, Indonesian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Norwegian. Help us translate the app in exchange for a free upgrade to your current plan.
  • What is Single Sign-on?

    Single Sign-on is a feature, which upon implementation, allows your site members to automatically pop up in the chat as well when they log in to their regular accounts. For custom-built sites, please see this and other related pages in the For developers section of our site’s footer.

    In case of CMS-based sites, please copy the details found in the Integration section of Dashboard and paste them into relevant fields in the plugin settings page.

  • I’d like to request a new feature. How do I do that?
    We’re open to custom development of new features at a fee. If interested, please contact us with a detailed description of a feature you’d like to see. We’ll run a time and cost estimation and get back to you.
  • I made some changes in Dashboard but they’re not showing.
    Most of the times, the changes you make will be seen right away. However, occasionally, it may be necessary to delete the Chatwee cookie in your browser for the customization to become effective.


  • Is there a free version of Chatwee I can try?
    Upon signing up, you become a subscriber of the Free-forever plan. You can upgrade anytime or request a free trial of any of the paid plans first.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit cards and PayPal as the payment methods. If you can’t use any of these, we can accept a regular bank transfer, however, due to various operational costs, we’ll ask you to cover an entire year in advance. In case of a year-long subscription, we offer a 2-month discount, meaning you’ll be using the chat for 12 months but paying for 10.
  • Do you accept cryptocurrencies?
    No, we don’t accept any cryptocurrencies as the payment method for our service.
  • Do you issue invoices?
    Yes, we do. Downloadable PDF files are available in the Payments section of your Dashboard.
  • How flexible is my subscription?
    Your subscription is as flexible as it gets. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan anytime with no extra fees involved.
  • How do I change my payment details?
    If you wish to change the originally provided payment details, please cancel your current subscription and resub immediately with the new details. There’s no option to replace the card details, sorry.

Chatting experience

  • Can I hide the chat?

    Access to the chat can be limited only to the users who have logged in to their website accounts in Customize > Privacy > Displaying chat

    Also, if you use the chat only at certain times, you can disable it without deinstallation. To do that, go to Customize > General > Chat status

  • What login methods are available?
    Users can log in via SSO, their Chatwee accounts, Facebook profiles, or as guests. To enable the login methods of your choice go to Customize > Privacy > Login methods

Chat moderation

  • How do I appoint moderators?
    Moderators can be appointed in Dashboard. The exact number of mods depends on the plan you have. Please refer to the Pricing page for details.
  • How do I ban users?
    Moderators can ban users directly in the chat app by hovering their mouse over the person’s avatar and choosing either a Permanent ban or a 15-minute ban. You can also IP-ban users in Dashboard.

Chatwee API

  • What would I need Chatwee API for?
    Chatwee API can be used to integrate your existing user database with the chat app. In other words, it makes Single Sign-on possible. For details on how to use it, please see this and other related pages in the For developers section of our site’s footer.