Wix Chat Installation

Before you proceed with the chat installation, we suggest you sign up for an account with us first.
It’s absolutely free, and you’ll need access to certain details inside in order to complete the installation.

  1. Log in to your Wix Dashboard and click 'Settings'. Wix Chat Plugin
  2. Next, scroll down to the bottom and select 'Custom code'. Wix Chat Plugin
  3. Click the 'Add Custom Code' button Wix Chat Plugin
  4. A dialog will appear. Now, switch to your Chatwee Dashboard, copy the relevant installation Chatwee code and paste it into the 'Paste the code snippet here' box. Wix Chat Plugin
  5. If you want the chat to appear on all of your website pages use 'All pages' checkbox. Otherwise select 'Choose specific pages' option.
  6. Make sure that the 'Body - end' option is selected within the 'Place Code in' field and click the 'Apply' button. Wix Chat Plugin
  7. That's it! Navigate to your website and you should now see the working chat. Wix Chat Plugin

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