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This method modifies the properties of the user identified by the userId parameter. Call this method whenever your user's profile changes.


  require_once(dirname( __FILE__ ) . "/ChatweeV2_SDK/Chatwee.php");


  try {
      "userId" => "507f191e810c19729de860ea"
      "login" => "New user name",
      "isAdmin" => true,
      "avatar" => "http://mypage.com/new_avatar.png"
    echo "The user has been edited";
  } catch(Exception $exception) {
    echo "An error occured: " . $exception->getMessage();
Name Description Type Mandatory Remarks
userId ID of the user string yes -
login user login string yes -
isAdmin if user has admin role boolean no -
avatar user avatar string no an absolute URL of the user's avatar image