Registers a new Chatwee user. This method returns the ID of a newly created user. The returned value needs to be stored somewhere (for instance, in your database) if you want to perform any actions related to this user in the future.


  require_once(dirname( __FILE__ ) . "/ChatweeV2_SDK/Chatwee.php");


  try {
    $userId = ChatweeV2_SsoManager::registerUser(Array(
      "login" => "Test user",
      "isAdmin" => false,
      "avatar" => ""
    echo "A new user has been registered with the following user ID: " . $userId;
  } catch(Exception $exception) {
    echo "An error occured: " . $exception->getMessage();
Name Description Type Mandatory Remarks
login user login string yes -
isAdmin if user has admin role boolean no -
avatar user avatar string no an absolute URL of the user's avatar image